General information


We'd like to present you the BITEX.ONE Platform referral program. The program allows every user to earn not only from their own transactions on the Platform, but also from transaction fees of the other customers (referrals) attracted by this user. This provides constant passive income.

Referral program - What should you start with?

To join referral program of BITEX.ONE platform, you should first register at BITEX.ONE platform where you’ll have to accept User agreement terms. Once you are logged, you should click on the Referral link section, where you can copy your personal referral link. By using your personal referral link, you confirm that you consent to provisions stated in Partner agreement for participation in the referral program.

Payments to partners

Affiliated customer (Referral) is bound to the user (Partner) and becomes their referral after registration using the referral link within 7 days. The partner’s income is calculated online and shown in "Profit from referral program" field. This funds can be used for the trade or withdrawn to personal wallets. Payments to partners are made once a week on Wednesdays.

Duration and conditions

After official opening of the Platform, there is an opportunity to earn 25% from the trading fee (taker minus rebate maker fee) when your referrals act as takers irrespective of trade volumes. To discuss the possibility of getting more than 25% please write to .