Futures contracts

Futures contract is a derivative financial instrument which is a sales agreement for the basic assets, like goods, currency or other product at a pre-determined price (expiration price) at specified time in future (expiration date). Upon expiry of the term, futures are executed either by delivery of the basic assets (delivery futures), or by cash (settlement futures). BITEX.ONE offers several instruments in the form of settlement futures.
Futures do not require payment of 100% margin, which allows to trade with up to 10x leverage. All margin values on BITEX.ONE are denominated in BTC, which enables the traders to speculate on the future contract cost using only BTC.

All futures at the BITEX.ONE Platform expire on a day and time specified in the contract specifications. Expiration price is determined as an average value of futures index price calculated at minute candle closing prices during the last 8 hours before the expiration. 8-hour calculation indexes are used to simplify the calculations. If a user has a position at the moment of expiration then they should pay an expiration fee at the rate specified in futures contract specification.