Metatrader5 — Professional trading platform
Multi-market MetaTrader 5 platform enables to perform trading transactions at Forex, stock exchanges,as well as transactions with futures and contracts for difference. With MetaTrader 5, you can easily perform a technical analysis of quotes, work with algorithmic trading software, and copy transactions of other traders.
Innovative platform
A new version of the increase in functionality. Now traders can conduct trading operations not only in market execution, but also at spot. The Metatrader5 built in the possibility of trade scanning, which shows an order book and recent deals. MT5 - has all types of trading orders, quotation charts, technical analysis, algotrading and mobile trading.
Professional technical analysis
Thanks to improvements of the platform made by developers, now traders have a wide range of technical and graphical tools making analysis simple and convenient. Trader has access to various diagrams - linear, bars and Japanese candles. All indicators are sorted by categories - oscillators, trend, volume, etc. Trader has access to all types of orders - market, pending, and stop orders, which simplifies the trade significantly and allows to implement the potential of any trading strategy. New timeframes have been added to the trading functions.
Fundamental analysis
Predicting the movement of quotes of a certain asset. Metatrader trading terminal has integrated tools for fundamental analysis - traders can view financial news and economic calendar. MT5 is equipped with a news feed which is daily replenished with information relating to economic events worldwide that can affect the movement of quotes. Financial news will keep you always aware of all current events, so that you will be able to make trading decisions timely.
Mobile trading
Metatrader 5 trading platform is available both on PC and mobile gadgets with Android, iOS, and Windows. Mobile version of Metatrader features all functions that make traders work easy and handy. Mobile software supports extensive analytical features, graphic and technical tools. Have developers of MTB provided the opportunity?
Algorithmic Trading
Now you can trade with the help of automatic adviser which will contain a trading strategy optimized by you. The trading bot will conduct trading transactions according to algorithms set by you. Metatrader5 is equipped with multi-currency tester, enabling you to configure and optimize the strategy. With the help of this function you can get precise results of the expert advisors testing.