Features of MT5

BITEX.ONE is the first cryptocurrency trading Platform providing full access to trade through the Metatrader 5 terminal. In this regard, there are certain features of using our Platform. Our programmers decided to enhance the standard features of Metatrader 5 terminal by introducing our own indicators which will be described in this sectionAll our indicators are already included to the MT5 distributive set and, for our customer convenience, get installed on the instrument price chart automatically. You can find them by opening Navigator panel and going to Indicators -> BITEX.ONE, as shown in the picture

Margin Indicator

Due to non-standard model of risk management option calculation of BITEX.ONE platform, we had to undertake a part of calculations relating to provision of orders and open positions and to expand the features of Metatrader 5 by creating the “Margin Indicator”.Once it is attached to the chart, a rectangular panel with the information regarding the blocked funds for supporting Position Margin, Order Margin, Maintenance Margin, Margin Balance, and Available Balance will be displayed in the upper left corner. Detailed description of these indicators can be found in Description of calculated margin values section.

Specially for algorithmic traders, this indicator exports its calculated values to the list of global variables which can be easily used in your expert advisors. Variable name is generated according to the following principle: parameter name from the panel + name of the instrument for which the indicator has been put. As an example, the indicator was attached to BTCUSD instrument in the picture. Values of global variables are recalculated in the event functions: OnTradeTransaction, OnCalculate and in OnTimer with frequency of 100ms.

Mark Price и Index Price

Mark Price and Index Price indicators are designed to display the mark and index prices on the instrument price chart. In Metatrader 5 terminal, these prices are displayed as separate instruments. They can be found in the Market Watch window (Market overview). They are marked with colors: index price - orange, mark price - purple.These prices are calculated in a core and sent to the terminal as ticks with zero volume. For example, for BTCUSD instrument, the price index is BTCUSDi instrument, and the mark price - BTCUSDm. And for fBTCUSD_0618, the index price is BTCUSDi, and the mark price - fBTCUSD_0618m. You can find more detailed information about it in Index and Mark prices section.

Mark Price and Index Price indicators display only the values of the index and mark price on the price chart they are attached to. Line colors correspond to the color from Market Watch (Market overview).

• Mark Price shows the story with a bold purple line and the price of the last transaction - with a thin horizontal line.

• Price Index shows the story with a bold orange line and the price of the last transaction - with a thin horizontal line.

As it has been mentioned above all the indicators are automatically set for a chart when it is opened. However, you can easily delete them. To do this, click Charts -> Indicator List in top menu or Ctrl+I. Then select the indicator and click Delete.