Bitex1 Ltd. cares about the safety of financial transactions of its Users. We provide secure protection of the trading platform and user's wallets.

System protection

Trading system integrated in Bitex1 Ltd. is written in “C++” language combined with other programming languages and features for excellent performance. Similar technologies are applied in banks and global exchanges.

The platform verifies every executed transaction and monitors the settlement accuracy. Powerful software underlying our platform ensures a high value of transactions per second.

Interaction is almost instantaneous. We use a special counter for data verification which is constantly updated. If any amount transferred from a personal cryptocurrency wallet to another wallet generated by a User on the Platform does not appear in their account, you should report this to our technical support at and our administrators will conduct this operation and transfer the funds manually.

Platform protection

The development of the platform takes into account all modern methods to guard against hacking.

However, this does not guarantee 100% performance when attacked by hackers.

We use the secure Amazon Web Services servers, which are among the most reliable. All communication channels are controlled by the administrators / employees of the Platform. It is impossible for information in their control to leak to hackers. Such attempts to steal information will intercepted in time and the open channels will be shut down.

Wallet protection

All withdrawal requests are manually reviewed by the platform administrators. To withdraw money from an account, one has to get the signatures of several moderators from among the Platform's top managers. This system is called "Multisig" (multisignature) and implies signature of several persons.

Whenever a User wants to withdraw money, their account will be carefully verified by at least two moderators on the Platform who will try to detect any signs of suspicious activity. The money will be withdrawn only after the moderators make sure that it is the authentic User who wants to withdraw money and the account has not been hacked.

Even if hackers hack the trading Platform completely, they won't manage infiltrate the system and reach the User's funds. Withdrawal request will automatically be rejected. The system conducts verification by its internal algorithms and, based on this verification, estimates whether the User's account has been hacked or made. If there is a suspicion the account may have been hacked, the User will be contacted to confirm the withdrawal.