Privacy policy

General provisions

The present privacy policy (hereinafter — Policy) applies to all information including personal data in the interpretation of the applicable law (hereinafter - "Personal data").

Bitex1 Ltd. does its best to ensure confidentiality of your personal data. This Privacy policy explains to the Users how we work with the information provided to us and what our data processing mechanism is.

Please read the Policy to understand its working algorithm.

By registering on the Platform, the User automatically accepts the rules stipulated in this document. In accordance with the UK law, the British companies have the right to store and use information on their websites, while the User data can be stored outside the UK.

Information provided by the User through their computer when visiting the Platform

When you visit the Platform, your computer sends us the following data:

  • Technical information: proxy server address, User name, used browser, local time, operating system version, installed plugins (or absence of plugins).
  • Information about logging to the Platform: data about URL; when and how you made clicks on the Platform; the sections you wanted to find; page efficiency; any errors resulting from faulty operation of the Platform; time spent on the page; actions performed during the visit; exiting the site page; IP-address.


We use files of this type to ensure the correct operation of the Platform and improve its functions. Cookies are the files saved by computer on a hard drive. These files record all actions of the User on the Platform and ensure correct interaction with the Platform.

If the User wants to restrict access to their cookie files, it should be set in the browser settings. We use behavioral factor tracking system of the Users with the help of Google Analytics. Platform moderators are constantly improving the Platform including the User action analysis. If they reveal any problem they inform the programmers about it, so that it can be fixed quickly. You can read Google privacy policy on their website.

What do we use information about the Users for?

Data is used for the following purposes:

  • To fulfill the obligations stated in the User agreement concluded with the User.
  • To understand what service or product can be convenient for the User.
  • To alert the Users on news related to the Platform.
  • To inform the Users about new products. Data may be transferred to the third parties providing communication with our customers. Data can be sent by mail or by phone.
  • To disseminate information about changes introduced to the Platform.
  • To improve the Platform operation and make the service more convenient for the Users we check how quickly the Platform works.
  • To administer the Platform successfully and eliminate any failure, technical problems preventing the normal Platform operation.
  • To collect statistics and create surveys.
  • To inform the user about novelties and provide access to them.
  • To research the efficiency of ads placed on the website.
  • To recommend services that may be useful to the Users.

Disclosure of information to the third parties

The information may be disclosed in the following cases:

  • If the bodies defending the state interests and the interests of citizens demand us to disclose information to prevent crimes.
  • If there is suspicious activity and we have to contact the third-party companies to help us prevent fraud.

Where is personal data stored?

The information we collect about the Users is sent to servers in the countries located outside the European economic zone. The further processing is made by the Platform administrators.

Whenever you send personal data you automatically give your consent to transfer, store, or process it. We do our best to guarantee that our work with your data does not violate the law and provisions stated in this document.

Recommendations to the Users

The Platform may contain hyperlinks to partner websites, programs, and other Platforms of the same type. If you open a new site by following the link on our Platform please be sure to read the Privacy policy applicable on those website. They may differ from our terms. Treat every site with caution.

We advise against using the same login and password as on our Platform to avoid losing your account and money. The Platform administration is not responsible for anything occurring on the third-party websites. If you have any questions, you can send them in writing to Bitex1 Ltd., Suite 10340, 45 Salisbury Rd, Cardiff CF24 4AB, Wales or our tech support: